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Exam: 70-510

Vendor Microsoft
Certification MCTS
Exam Code 70-510
Exam Title TS: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server
No. of Questions 65
Last Updated Apr 05, 2021
Product Type Q & A with explantion
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TS: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server

About this Exam
This exam will validate your knowledge and skills in implementing and maintaining a Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server installation.

Audience Profile

This exam is intended for experts in installing, configuring, and managing Microsoft Team Foundation Servers and Team System projects. The typical candidate will work either as a team leader in an enterprise development organization or ISV, or as a consultant in an organization that provides process automation services by using Team Foundation Server. The qualified candidate has:

* A solid understanding of the Team Foundation Server architecture and components
* Knowledge of/experience with installing and configuring Team Foundation Server in both single-server and multi-server configurations
* Knowledge of/experience with managing Team Foundation Server objects such as users and roles
* Knowledge of/experience with using Team Build to automate the build process
* Knowledge of/experience with customizing process templates
* Knowledge of/experience with creating or customizing Team Foundation Server reports
* Experience managing source artifacts with Team Foundation Server source control
* Knowledge of/experience with customizing Team Foundation Server work item types to facilitate the project life cycle

Credit Toward Certification
Exam 70-510: TS: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server: counts as credit toward the following certification(s):

* MCTS: Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server

Skills Being Measured
This exam measures your ability to accomplish the technical tasks listed below.The percentages indicate the relative weight of each major topic area on the exam.
Installing and Configuring Microsoft Team Foundation Server

* Identify architecture components.
o Identify Team Foundation Server prerequisites.
o Identify Team Foundation proxy server functionality.
o Identify Team Foundation Server functionality.
o Identify Visual Studio Team Explorer functionality.

* Plan Team Foundation Server installation.
o Select a setup configuration.
o Define initial sizing, backup, and growth strategy for the Team Foundation Server database.

* Install Team Foundation Server.
o Install and configure Team Foundation Server prerequisites.
o Install and configure Team Foundation Server.
o Install and configure Team Foundation proxy server.
o Install and configure Team Foundation build server.
o Install and configure Team Explorer.

* Validate installation.
o Verify database components.
o Verify Team Foundation Server components.
o Verify client connectivity.
o Verify project creation.
o Verify Team Foundation build and proxy server components.

* Customize Team Foundation Server component configuration and settings.
o Configure alert components.
o Configure Team Foundation Server for extranet access.
o Configure Team Foundation Server runtime settings.
o Enable tracing for Team Foundation Server components.
o Enable activity logging.
o Configure Team Foundation Server for remote analysis services.
o Configure Web cache sizing and location.

Administering Team Foundation Server Instances and Team Projects

* Manage a Team Foundation Server instance.
o Update a Team Foundation Server instance global list.
o Set instance properties by using Web services.
o Purge Internet Information Services (IIS) logs.
o Analyze Team Foundation Server errors.

* Manage team projects.
o Create a team project.
o Delete a team project.
o Configure version control options.
o Manage project alerts.
o Install and configure custom assemblies.

* Ensure Team Foundation Server health and availability.
o Identify Team Foundation Server SQL-specific jobs for monitoring.
o Identify Team Foundation Server application messages in an event log.
o Identify non-Team Foundation Server component messages in event logs.
o Identify Team Foundation Server HTTP messages in the IIS log file.

* Configure authorization on Team Foundation Server instances.
o Deny or grant access to work items in areas.
o Deny or grant access to the Team Foundation Server.
o Deny or grant access to team projects.
o Deny or grant access to version control items.

* Configure security for Team Foundation Server components.
o Enable user access to Team Foundation Server by adding the user to a team project.
o Configure Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services (WSS) security for a user.
o Configure SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) security for a user.
o Configure SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) security for a user's direct access to the cube.

* Select a disaster recovery plan for Team Foundation Server.
o Back up the Team Foundation Server SQL Server databases.
o Rebuild the Team Foundation Server data warehouse.
o Modify the Team Foundation Server architecture.
o Back up and restore team project portals.

Administering Team Foundation Server Version Control
* Manage version control operations.
o Set file type associations.
o Unlock other users' code.
o Check in other users' code.
o Restore deleted items.
o Display history.
o Extend the existing label to include a newly created file.

* Manage shelvesets.
o Create a shelveset.
o Delete shelvesets.
o Open another user's shelveset.

* Manage branches.
o Create a branch.
o Delete a branch.
o Select a branching strategy.

* Merge branches.
o Resolve file conflicts by using the merge tool.
o Resolve file conflicts by using auto-merge.
o Merge a single changeset from one branch to its parent branch.

* Manage workspaces.
o Create a workspace.
o Modify a workspace.
o Delete a workspace.
o Specify workspace status location.

* Migrate legacy source control to Team Foundation Server.

Administering Work Item Types and Process Templates

* Author process templates.
o Map Microsoft Office Project fields to Team Foundation Server.
o Select components for the team project process template.
o Create security groups.
o Define report types.
o Define Microsoft Office SharePoint folders and document templates.
o Select work item types.
o Define areas and iterations.
o Modify the team project WSS site template.

* Create Work Item Query Language (WIQL) queries.
o Define WIQL keywords.
o Add fields to a query.
o Create a WIQL query by using Team Explorer.
o Identify built-in macros.

* Author process guidance.
o Compile a process guidance.
o Edit a process guidance.
o Link a process guidance subject to a work item type.

* Author work item types.
o Ensure that a new field in a process template is added to the SSAS cube.
o Set a reportable attribute.
o Create a new work item type.
o Use custom control in a work item type.
o Edit an existing work item type.

* Author a work item type workflow.
o Restrict state transitions to specific groups.
o Create new states and transitions.

* Manage process templates.
o Install and configure a new process template.
o Remove a process template.
o Set a default new process template.

Administering a Team Build

* Author team build types.
o Create a team build type.
o Edit a team build type.

* Delete a build.
o Delete a team build type.
o Delete team build output.

* Extend the team build process by using targets.
o Override an existing target.
o Create a custom target.

* Extend the team build by using a custom task.
o Register the task so that it is seen by the team build.
o Deploy the task to the build server.
o Call a task from within a target.

* Run a team build.
o Start a build by using Team Explorer.
o Start a build by using the command line.
o Schedule a build.
o Diagnose a build problem by using the build output.

Managing Team Project Reporting and Documentation

* Set Up Team Foundation Server reporting.
o Identify the cube update architecture.
o Reprocess the Team Foundation Server warehouse.

* Access Team Foundation Server data by using Microsoft Office Excel.
o Report team project status.
o Access a cube to create a Microsoft PivotTable.

* Access Team Foundation Server data by using Microsoft Office Project.
o Report team project status.

* Manage reports.
o Add an existing report to SSRS.
o Delete a report.

* Manage team project documentation.
o Upload documents to the team portal by using Team Explorer.
o Manage document libraries.

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